Photo Competition 2019

Pictorial: Novice

First Place: Arakam Tse (6423) from near Dingboche, Shane Wilson

Second Place: Ngauruhoe and Upper Tama lake, Dianne Glennie

Third Place: Reflections of Jerusalem while biking down the river road, June Miller

Pictorial: Open

First Place: Kepler Sunset Pippa McLay

Second Place: Ruapehu from a distance Mike Cole

Third Place: Mount Ngauruhoe in the snow Derek Barrett

Human Interest Category: Novice

First Place: Puncture, Mike Miller

Second Place: Symes Hut, Shane Wilson

Third Place: Tea break at New Quail Hut, June Miller

Human Interest Category: Open

First Place: Home before the storm, Bev Sinclair

Second Place: I told you I could do it! Basil Hooper

Third Place: Log Jam South Beach Stream, Royce Johnson

Natural History NZ Category: Novice

First Place: Ngauruhoe (Volcano), Shane Wilson

Second Place: The difference between a flower and a weed is judgement, Linda Hart

Third Place: Pensive Stag, Sally Anne Gale

Natural History NZ Category: Open

First Place: Bellbird, Derek Barrett

Second Place: Tui on Flax, Di Harries

Third Place: Young Sea Lions at Stony Bay, Derek Barrett

Hidden Treasure Category: Novice

First Place: Little Sherpa, Shane Wilson

Second Place: Hiding spot, Sally Anne Gale

Third Place: A hidden treasure - Seafood chowder at Arrowtown at the end of the Kepler track, Mike Miller

Hidden Treasure Category: Open

First Place: Hidden Treasure, Tikitapu Nature Walk, Royce Johnson

Second Place: Out for a walk, Di Harries

Third Place: The rugged cross, Tracey Hooper

Best ‘Tramper’ Contribution - 2019

Judged by last year’s winner, Esther Williams

This award considers all items contributed by members – especially ones that conjure up images of a good tramp and make you wish you had been there. It might be descriptive, historic or humorous; it might be a tale of action or mishap. It also needs to be brief and useful, and photos are a great addition 

The judge had 32 writers to enjoy.

Firstly, a mention of a prolific writer who goes under the pseudonyms Scroggin (ok for newspapers), Long Drop (ok for the Tramper), and Dave's Raves, Book Worm, Quiz, Hut News.  Other publications include the Chronicle's Conservation Column and Wilderness magazine. Was a pen suitable or should we have donated a new keyboard as a prize?

3rd Prize: Cherry Channon describes an autumn trip to Waipakahi River.

The water as "skipping merrily, glimmering, shimmering" and the female swimmers' reactions "shrieks of joy." 

2nd Prize: Barbara Gordon tramped the Waihohonu Valley before Christmas.

She describes the landscape as "spectacular and undulating." The walk as gruelling...a hobbling totter on stiffening joints."

1st Prize: Sue Haden went on a Waitahinga Trails work party.

The adverbs enliven the report: Juliet diligently spraying signs and Tracey wildly swung her samurai sword. The verbs: renailed, replaced, cleared debris. Readers were delighted to hear about "pinky" Basil's hammer and the discovery, after two years, of his best farm shovel. The new track to Tom's Ridge Mike and Shane had been busy "digging, benching and marking."  Bravo! An energetic day. 

Quiz Night 2019

Saturday night June 15, with our host David Scoullar, a fun occasion with a great supper. The only ones disappointed were the “Top Four” team who came last. The winners were “The Nerds” - Stephen Hormann, Doug and Marion Davidson.

Photo Competition 2018

Human Interest Category

First Place: Derek Barrett “Hot Water Beach Lake Tarawera”

Second Place: Royce Johnson “Barry driving off road”

Third Place: Cherry Channon “Ra of the Forest”

Natural History Category

First Place: Diane Harries “Old Man’s Beard”

Second Place: Mike Cole “Icicles Waipapaiti”

Third Place: Diane Harries “Desiccated amanita toadstools, Tangimoana”

Pictorial Category

First Place: Michelle Mackenzie “Early snow”

Second Place: Barbara Gordon “Karamea estuary (footprints)”

Third Place: Mike Cole “Arrive Tarn Ridge Hut, Ruahines”

Water In Motion Category

First Place: Tracey Hooper “The world’s clearest ripples (Blue Lake)”

Second Place: Royce Johnson “Ruapehu (2)”

Third Place: Mike Cole “Upper Travers”

Quiz Night 2018

On Saturday night May 19, our host David Scoullar challenged the nine teams taking part with some fascinating questions - including some about royalty as it was the wedding day for Harry and Meghan.

The winning quartet was Stephen and Sabine Hormann, and Stephen and Sally Gray. Well done!

Best ‘Tramper’ Contribution - 2018

Judged by last year’s winner, Diane Harries

This award considers all items contributed by members – especially ones that conjure up images of a good tramp and make you wish you had been there. It might be descriptive, historic or humorous; it might be a tale of action or mishap. It also needs to be brief and useful, and photos are a great addition

Runner Up!!!!

Castlecliff to Kai Iwi and Back – A Visitor’s Eye View: Thurs 4 May 2017   Scribe: Lola Brown (from Perth)

Refers to the “impressively weighty Wanganui Tramper, an informative and humorous insight into the activities of this lively and engaging group of people.”

“Driftwood trunks and branches lay thick upon the beach like throngs of sun-seeking beachgoers at Bondi.” 

“We headed for the nearest massive tree trunk at tea time and perched like sparrows in the sun. An easy camaraderie was evident as we progressed along the windswept coast. I enjoyed hearing about the lives and experiences of some of the members.”

“The banter as we made our way back through the Wanganui rush hour traffic caused a chuckle. Thank you all for making me so welcome.” 

Highly Commended

Mangaone Walkway: Wed 17 May 2017: Bruce Thomas

Mangaturuturu Hut: Wed 24 May 2017: David Howard

Mana Island: Sun 11 Jun 2017: Dorothy Symes – interesting trip

Snowcraft 1: Sun 20 Aug 2017 : Shane Wilson – antics in the snow

Waiinu Beach: Thur 24 Aug 2017: Julie Kearse – people getting stuck in various places

Northern Tararua Crossing: 2-5 Dec 2017: Tracey Hooper – humour

Paekakariki Escarpment: Sun 3 Dec 2017: Marilyn McGlone – intrepid trampers in wind on steep terrain

John Maher’s: Ngaturi Road, Brunswick: Thur 14 Dec 2017: Linda Clarke – historic, relations

Mangaturuturu Hut: Sun 17 Dec 2017: Bruce Thomas – quotes from two lads on the trip

Tongariro Forest Conservation Area: Fri-Sun 12-14 Jan 2018: Graham Sutcliffe – interest

Tama Lakes: Wed 14 Mar 2018: Barry Hopper – well written

Takaka Trip: 23-29 Mar 2018: Dorothy Symes – so many unforeseeable issues


Tongariro Moonlight Crossing: Sun 1 Apr 2018 Scribe: Esther Williams

[In the mildness, we wore short sleeved tops. At first, the moonlight suffused, drew together a concentration of light, then burst out as a ringed celestial body, the landscape bathed in surreal shades of light and shade. Beautiful. The Tongariro rim stood out whereas Ngauruhoe loomed over us. Derek captured the image. Our breathing created mist. The wind rose, cutting and cruel. Near the top of Red Crater, we passed the growing rocky cairn, a sign pointing directions. The cairn was smaller last year! Relief from the cold came from hot vents steaming at ankle level at the top. We squatted and warmed up. “I could go to sleep right here,” said Derek.] Also contributed photos from Derek.

Best ‘Tramper’ Contribution Competition  -  AGM 7 June 2017

Judged by last year’s winner, Barbara Gordon

This award considers all items contributed by members.  Most are trip reports, each unique and useful.  General articles are always welcome:  a good example is Glenys Ellett’s item in Tramper May - July 2017 (#253).  “What Next?” she wonders – page 56.   

Elements of a good article/trip report are brevity, useful information, highlights and humour, and photos.   

Three items were commended:    

Sandra van der Lubbe’s memories of childhood visits to the Burrell’s Road farm gave her report a novel slant.   Thursday 23rd March 2017  (view on 2017 trips reports page)

Waitotara Mud, Julie Kearse.  An arduous and grueling trudge described with humour.  Thursday 30th June 2016  (view on 2016 trips reports page)

Sandy Gibbard wittily described encounters with an electric fence, under the stewardship of a “livewire leader”.  Thursday 12th January 2017  (view on 2017 trips reports page)


Harrex Forest.  Don Gordon’s dramatic account of a cluster of calamities had lessons for all of us.  Thursday 11th August 2016  (view on 2016 trips reports page)

This Year’s Winning Tramper Contribution

Ruapehu Summit in the Snow.  Diane Harries’ vivid description and her stunning front-cover photo had me wishing I’d been there, on that tramp.   Sunday 21st August 2016  (view on 2016 trips reports page)

Quiz Night 20 May 2017

The 2017 club quiz was a smash success with 9 teams of 4 vying to be kings and queens of quiz.

Three teams were level-pegging going into the last round.

Well done to the winning team: Sue and Vince McBride / Ridgway Lythgoe / Juliet Kojis

Photo Competition 2017

Rules of the 2017 Photo Competition

Slide shows of entries in all of the categories with the winners showing first

Human Interest - Novice Category

First Equal

Dorothy Symes - A breather on the Alps to Ocean

Carolyn Shingleton - Two friends at the Tasman Glacier

Second Equal

Dorothy Symes - Respite

Mike Miller - Toasting marshmallows at Waihaha hut on our first tramp with Grandad    

Human Interest - Open Category


Diane Harries - Andra being very obedient – Old Coach Road tramp    

Second Equal

Esther Williams - Brian below Kime hut

Tracey Hooper - Resting in the Kaimanawas    


Esther Williams - Tea for two at Herepai hut, Tararua range  

Pictorial - Novice Category


Shane McCulloch - Syme hut after a storm


Dorothy Symes - Putangirua Pinnacles

Third Equal    

Barry Hopper - Emerald Lakes, Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Shane McCulloch - Dome Ridge

Pictorial - Open Category


Tracey Hooper - Through the looking glass


Diane Harries - The world at our feet. Mounts Tongariro and Ngauruhoe from Ruapehu, in August 

Third Equal

Royce Johnson - View from Ruapehu to the Pinnacles with three climbers on the tops                      

Diane Harries - I see the steps...oh there’s a ladder too... and there’s someone on the top! The Pinnacles, Kauaeranga Valley, Coromandel

Natural History - Novice Category


Dorothy Symes - Kidney Ferns


Dorothy Symes - Penguins

Third Equal

Shane McCulloch - Waipakihi River

Mike Miller - Poplar Grove on the Alps to Ocean


Natural History - Open Category

First Equal

Esther Williams - Centipede with young, Waitahinga

Heather Mackenzie - Southern Bell Frog


Diane Harries - Oh! I have broken my wing and I am easy prey... Coromandel – Lynch Stream Bay – shore dotterel

Third Equal

Royce Johnson - Pied Stilt at Miranda January 2017

Heather Mackenzie - Gentiana bellidifolia

Overseas - Novice Category


Mike Miller - Dinner time in the Kalahari


Mike Miller  -  I am watching you!


Overseas - Open Category


Heather Mackenzie - Vietnamese fishing boat

Second Equal

Ridgway Lithgoe - Aspiring model, Panama City

Ridgway Lithgoe - Whitefaced monkey, Panama City


Barbara Gordon - Early morning, Strahan Tasmania